About Me

My desire to be an artist was fuelled by receiving my 1st easel, oil paints and brushes for Christmas aged 14. Any free time I had at school was spent in the art room. I studied art at Ipswich College of Art, then went on to do a Degree in Illustration and Graphics at Brighton University Graduating in 1990. While completing my degree I illustrated my first book "Tales of the Woodland Harvest" written by my uncle, Ashley Cooper.

At the age of 21, following my graduation and first art exhibition I set off to fulfill an ambition I had had as a child to visit Australia. As a child my mother had inspired me with the tales of her trip she undertook at the same age. I recorded my trip daily with sketches and paintings.

Upon returning to England bursting with inspiration I immediately began illustrating several books.

Solo was published in 1991 followed by The Huntrods Eye. As a result of illustrating Solo I was invited to do talks and art workshops in primary schools. It was here that I discovered my love of teaching and went on to do a Post Graduate course in Teaching Art and Design.

After working as an art teacher in Freeport for 7 years I gave up teaching to raise my children. We moved to a property on the beach which was amazing for me as a painter.

But though the beauty of the beaches and changing colours in the sea were breathtaking and everyday Bahamian life incredibly inspiring I missed my family and the Englishness of England.

9 years after arriving in Freeport I returned to England. Our departure was sudden and premature due to losing part of our roof during the terrible hurricane season in 2004.

As a result of living in The Bahamas I now paint with brightly coloured oils from my studio in Boxford and constantly find new inspiration from the ever changing Suffolk sky and my surroundings out in the Suffolk countryside.

I owe a great deal to the dogs that I walk daily for leading me through ditches & hedges to discover the compositions for a great deal of my work.